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Talking about the prospect and development advanta

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According to the China market research online, in 2009, fruit and vegetable juice beverages accounted for 17.81% of the beverage market. From January to May this year, the growth rate of fruit and vegetable juice beverages reached 29.2%. The data also shows that the current per capita consumption of juices and juice drinks in China is only 1 kilogram per year, only 1/40 of that in Western Europe and 1/20 of that in the United States. It can be seen that the juice beverage market has a very large development space. As the unhealthy factors of carbonated beverages gradually attract the attention of consumption, juice-type beverages with nutrition and health as the selling point are more favored, and the market share of juice beverages is increasing year by year.

Market research shows that China's beverage industry is an emerging industry that has developed since the reform and opening up. It started late, but it has developed very rapidly in recent years. In China, there are about 6,000 manufacturers of fruit juices. There are more than 1,000 beverage companies with a certain scale, more than 200,000 employees, annual sales income of more than 60 billion yuan, and annual profits and taxes of more than 6 billion yuan. The total output of beverages nationwide continued to grow steadily. In 1980, the annual output was less than 300,000 tons. In 1990, it surged to 3.3 million tons. In 2000, it was 14.9 million tons. In 20 years, it increased by more than 50 times, and the average annual growth rate was 21.8%. In the new century, it reached 16.7 million tons in 2001, an increase of 11.94% over 2000. It continues to maintain a double-digit growth rate and is one of the fastest growing industries in the food industry.

Combined with the development of foreign juice beverage market and the consumption power and consumption habits of Chinese consumers, a brief analysis of the future development of China's juice beverage market is as follows:

Compound juice and compound fruit and vegetable juice will surely become a hot spot for future development

In a wide variety of highly competitive juice beverage markets, companies that want to be invincible in the future market should be prepared for new risks. Do not have people, I have new people. In recent years, compound juice drinks and fruit and vegetable juice beverages have developed rapidly in developed countries, and there are many varieties popular in foreign markets. Common fruit juice drinks such as pineapple juice or orange juice and different vegetable juices are common in the market.

China's fruit and vegetable juice products are also on the market, but their sales are not optimistic, mainly due to low packaging grade, rough trademark design, poor product taste, and poor natural color of the product. According to industry experts, the future fruit and vegetable juice drink will surely become a new trend of sudden emergence. As a high-grade fruit juice beverage, fruit and vegetable juices must overcome the weaknesses of over-production, low-cost, simple process, strict quality control, improve product packaging quality and product quality, and achieve high-end and high-grade income.

Functional juice drinks will also become a hot spot for future development

Fruit and vegetable juice drinks with certain effects on human body function will also become a hot spot for the development of fruit juice beverages in the future. The development and production of the following fruit and vegetable juices should cause the focus of the fruit and vegetable juice manufacturers:

Flower Beverage: At present, a natural new type of flower-type beverage is popular in Europe. This flower drink is not only pleasing to the eye, its fragrance is also pleasant and pleasant, it has the effect of nourishing the skin, beauty and refreshing, especially by young female consumers. Favor. The flower contains essential mineral elements, amino acids, proteins and plant hormones, which have unique nutritional effects on the human body.

Iodine-rich juice drink: It is a natural food processed by scientific methods using marine algae extract and juice. Because sea**** contains trehalose, mannitol and various essential amino acids, trace elements and multivitamins, the beverage not only has iodine supplementation, but also lowers blood fat, softens blood vessels and improves liver, heart and other major organs. Function, the effect is very obvious.

High-fiber beverages: Nowadays, a high-fiber juice is popular in the foreign juice beverage market. After being ingested into the human body, the beverage can absorb toxins and other undesirable free radicals in the stomach, so as to speed up the elimination of the body and prevent diseases. Ingestion of cellulosic beverages before meals can also reduce diet, help to lose weight and shape the body to maintain the ideal body, and is favored by female consumers. High-fiber beverages are the latest nutrition concept popular in the diet and health care industries.

Other health care new beverages: In recent years, China has successfully introduced a number of new plants with health and nutrition effects from abroad, which can be processed into various characteristic juice drinks. For example: cactus drinks, aloe drinks, etc.

The natural and high juice content juice beverage market will become the inevitable development direction

With the improvement of consumers' living standards, consumers' consumption concept and consumption quality are also constantly improving. Looking at the development trend of international juice beverages, pure natural and high juice content juice drinks will become the inevitable development direction. High juice content fruit and vegetable juice beverages contain rich mineral elements and other natural nutrients, and contain no or less synthetic food additives. Varieties include: clear juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice, strawberry juice, grape juice, pear juice, mango juice, peach juice, apricot juice, kiwi juice, hawthorn juice, pineapple juice, guava juice, passion fruit juice, tomato Juice, carrot juice, etc. The content of fruit juice is more than 30% to 50% and above, and the juice content of some varieties is 100%, such as apple juice, pear juice, peach juice and other fruit juice drinks.

Juice milk beverage has great development potential

The combination of fruit and vegetable juice and milk organically produces a real juice milk. In the future, China's dairy beverage and fruit and vegetable juice beverage market will also produce huge consumption space. At present, there are some juice milk products on the market, but the content of fruit and vegetable juice is very low, and some even do not contain juice at all, only a mixture of milk and flavor and pigment. This kind of product not only fails to supplement the nutritional complement of fruit and vegetable juice and milk, but also may have harmful effects on the human body.

The organic combination of fruit and vegetable juice and milk can play a role in nutritional complementation, flavor and taste coordination by means of protein nutrients in milk and the aroma, color and other mineral nutrients of fruits and vegetables. For example, orange-carrot juice produced by rationally combining orange juice and carrot juice with milk, in addition to protein nutrition containing milk, is also rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Long-term use for children can promote healthy growth and development of children. Reasonable formula and advanced production technology skillfully cover the unpleasant smell of carrots, which can make children from not like carrots to carrot juice.

It can be seen that although China has a large population and the consumption of juice drinks is low, the juice beverage market still has huge room for development in China. In the international market, by 2020, global juices and carbonated beverages will increase to 73 billion liters. Based on this, it is inferred that the future development of China's juice industry is very broad, and at the same time has a very good investment advantage.

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