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Eating pears after a meal is good for health

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The researchers found that after eating a pear or a cup of hot pear juice, the carcinogens accumulated in the body can be discharged in large quantities. The results of the survey showed that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, a strong carcinogen that accumulates in the body, such as smoking or eating barbecue meat, are significantly reduced after eating pears, especially the heated pear juice. Experts suggest that today, people are keen to eat fried foods, fast foods, eating a pear after a meal is a recommended healthy lifestyle.

Since ancient times, pears have been promoted as "the sect of the hundred fruits." Sweet and sour, cold, non-toxic. It can relieve cough, moisturize the lungs, cool the heart, reduce inflammation and reduce fire, and relieve the effects of poisoning and poisoning. Pears contain sufficient water, some glucose, sucrose and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and can provide cellulose and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and potassium. There is also a certain amount of protein, fat, carotene, vitamins B1, B2 and malic acid. It can maintain the health of body cells, help organs detoxify, purify the body, soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation, transport calcium in the blood to bones, and strengthen bone calcium. However, eating pears must be chewed slowly to be better absorbed and utilized by the digestive tract, and it should have the desired effect.

Eating pears after a meal is good for health

The researchers tested smokers for 750 grams of pears per day for four days and determined the 1-hydroxyindole content of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the urine before and after eating pears. It was found that after eating pears for 6 hours, the 1-hydroxyindole in the blood of the human body would be excreted in large amounts in the urine; if the pears were not eaten, the 1-hydroxyindoles would be discharged very little. The heated pear juice contains a large amount of anticancer substance polyphenol, which is used to drink the pear juice into the carcinogen-injected mice, and the white rat urine can discharge a large amount of 1-hydroxy scorpion toxin, thereby effectively preventing cancer.

In addition, although the pear is very sweet, its calorie and fat content is very low. The middle-aged and the elderly eat more pears, which can help the body purify organs and soften blood vessels. Eating pears also has a certain auxiliary effect on anorexia, indigestion, enteritis, chronic pharyngitis and other diseases. However, experts reminded that although pears are good fruit, it is not advisable to eat more, cold cough, cold abdominal pain, spleen deficiency and maternal and pregnant women should be careful. Pear also has a diuretic effect, and frequent night urination should eat less pears before going to bed. Pears contain more fruit and more people with more stomach acid, and they should not eat more.

First, moist lungs and dryness, cough and phlegm, nourishing blood and muscle

Pear juice is sweet and flat, has the effect of moistening the lungs and clearing the throat, relieving cough and removing phlegm, nourishing the blood and soothing the muscles. Therefore, it has good effects on dryness, itching, pain, dullness and thickening of the throat.

Second, promote gastrointestinal motility

Pear juice is rich in dietary fiber and is the best gastrointestinal "cleaner". Most of the food in the restaurant wins with "taste". The food is greasy or spicy, and it is easy to induce constipation after eating. Drinking a cup of pear juice after a meal can promote gastrointestinal motility, so that harmful substances accumulated in the body are discharged in large quantities to avoid constipation.

Third, people who protect the liver and are suitable for drinking

Pears contain more polysaccharides and multivitamins, which have a certain protective effect on the liver and are especially suitable for drinkers.

Fourth, hypotension, nourishing yin and clearing heat

Pear has the effect of lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin and clearing heat. Patients suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, hepatitis and cirrhosis often have some benefits in drinking pear juice.

Fifth, help kidney excretion

Pears help the kidneys excrete uric acid and prevent gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

Sixth, promote appetite, help digestion

Pear can promote appetite, help digestion, and have a laxative and antipyretic effect. It can be used to replenish water and nutrition when it is hot.

Seventh, nourishing Yin Runzao and eliminating wind

Pear has the effect of moistening dryness and eliminating wind. When the climate is dry, people often feel itchy skin, dry nose and mouth, and sometimes dry cough and less. Drinking one or two cups of pear juice a day can alleviate dryness.

Eighth, relieve throat irritation

People who smoke can drink pear juice to reduce the irritation of harmful substances in the throat and respiratory tract.

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